Personal Trainer Job Description


The personal trainer profession is one the emerging careers in this generation, why? It is because people are already health conscious, they prefer on preventive measures rather than cure. So people nowadays always look for alternative ways to keep them healthy, and that is where a personal trainer could be a good use.

On becoming a personal trainer there are certain duties that he need to commit to do. The pay is pretty decent and worth the effort.

One of the best way to start a career as a personal trainer is the need to have experiences as a fitness instructor.


As a personal trainer, it is very important to know the condition of the client. There are different clients and have different conditions also. Check first the health condition of the client before you start everything, you don’t want to mess up along the way during the workout.


The PT is responsible in educating the client, that is the most important job the PT needs to do. He will Let them understand why they should do it and don’t do and the benefits they can get out from the program they will have.

Tour Guide

Doing a tour and introduction of the equipment and facilities are also advised, with it they will have a feel of the environment where they will build their confidence by having great figure.

Goal setter

When the client’s mind is already set, the PT need to set goals. Goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bunded (S.M.A.R.T.) . This is essential to reach the optimal result of the client’s needs, may it be gaining, losing weight or toning the body. With it the body will also be ready for the program.


Personal trainers formulate the program based from the needs of the client and it goals.


The client needs help most especially on the initial stage of the workout, be a leader, first do it, do it together, then next you watch, when the client knows what to do then the PT can just assist the client if needed.


Discussing the payment plan should be last, don’t want show to the client that you are just after of the money they will pay, give the best service and revenue will just come along the way.


Maintain the credibility as a personal trainer, update thyself by attending trainings, seminars and or workshops to get the latest trend and news about fitness.

These are the few descriptions on starting your career as personal trainer. Very fun and challenging.